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Sticky: The Edmark City dream has begun

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More Fun, March Fun in Edmark Dubai 1st Bowling Tournament

Narrated by: Ms. Reyna Aguinaldo and Photo by: Mr. Nestor Elnar

It was a sunny Friday and the most awaited fun day Bowling tournament event of Leaders and Speakers strike the first day of March wearing their Hula Hawaiian Shirts at Dubai Bowling Center in Al Quoz. And this is the first bowling tournament of Edmark, which was organized by our Diamond Manager Ms. Anne Florenciano together with the Edmark Staff, Ms. Elaine Ricafrente; Ms. Dorcas Obias and Mr. Nestor Elnar.


There were four teams with different colors namely the Green Team Shake Off led by DM Anne Florenciano, the Orange Team Bubble C  led by SCM Cynthia Carino, the Red Team Red Yeast led by DM Ferdie Si and last but not the least is Pink Team Bio Elixir led by SM Elmer Aguinaldo.
Everyone is excited to roll the ball and for every strike echoes the sound and clap of the cheering teammates. Our ever-strong Senior Crown Manager Cynthia Carino even manages to topple down the pins and have strikes undermining those who are younger of age. Age doesn’t matter as the saying goes with this competitive game.


At the end of two rounds is the announcement who among the team had collected more points and the over-all winner is no other than the Red Yeast Team. The dynamic and highly spirited team members are Ms. Maribel Aboyme, Ms. Jenevive Serrano, Diamond Manager Mr. Ferdie Si, Diamond Manager Ms. Marlene Rosario and Ms. Lily Duque.

All participants together with the Edmark Staff left the venue with a smile on their face knowing that this fun day is worth spending for.

Dynamic SSM at Edmark Sharjah

“A THOUSAND MILES JOURNEY BEGUN WITH THE FIRST STEP” – discovering the gateway to your roadmap to success…..
SSM @ Edmark Sharjah on Feb. 22, 2013

SSM 01

The EDMARK EDUCATION SYSTEM trains every distributor to discover the road map to success on this business. The basic training of HLS and NDT is not enough to go through but to explore how to get into the first level and that is “HOW TO BECOME A MANAGER”. DM Alberto Sapitula, T4 master trainer of UAE discussed thoroughly to the new distributors who attended the Edmark Sharjah Success Sytem Seminar the benefits that a manager could avail and how to maximize it according on how much performance a distributor will produce in a period of 1 month.


The seminar was attended by new distributors from all over UAE and with the participation of a very Dynamic distributor from Sultanate of Oman ROBEL TSEGAYE MAMMO and his UAE group to learn the secret of all the achievers, how they started, how to start with the performance bonus and how to maximize it becoming a Manager with the help of Edmark 3 steps Methodology.


Why you should become a manager? is one of the most common question of new distributors. DM Abet has explained that becoming a manager is a step to start developing your people to become managers too in which will bring you to the next level of the compensation plan and additional benefits will be added which is Managers Bonus and Achievement bonus which sum up to 37% of the total compensation plan leading you to reach the ultimate goal of 71% and GET the 9 GREAT BONUSES of Edamrk Compensation Plan.


Finally the attendees were very satisfied with the full discussion and all their doubts were cleared during the question and answer portion after the seminar. Edmark Sharjah would like extend our gratitude to the ever dynamic speaker DM Alberto Sapitula and all the Sharjah leaders who were around and supported us during the event. Outstanding Edmarkers!

Grand MDR and Valentines Celebrations

Narrated by : Ms. Reyna Aguinaldo – Sapphire Manager
Photo by: Mr. Alvin Liwanag / Mr. Nestor Elnar

Love is in the air… as the music flooded the venue in Comfort Inn Hotel, Deira with matching red color decoration of balloons and flowers.

The first ever Valentines Party of Edmark International after a stint of 8 years in operation and back-to-back Membership Drive Rally (MDR) hosted by Emerald Manager Ms. Carol Pena and followed by recognition of Achievers from Senior Distributors to Ruby Manager and it was a success and a heartwarming to all fellow Edmarkers.


“Love is the reason why we are here” a welcoming remarks of our event organizer Diamond Manager Ann Florenciano. To stretch the arrow of love start with the recognition of our achievers from Senior Distributor to the newest Ruby Manager Marlyn Ajoc and role of Ruby Manager as shared by Ruby Manager Ms. Nathalie Roque. Inspirational talk by our DCM “Mr. Anacleto Lumapas Sr.” quoted – if you are not INSPIRED and not doing your business, you will soon find yourself EXPIRED. Pushing more love by the powerful testimony of our Ruby Manager Robert Biescas and insisting that EES is a must if we want to go the next level of our business.


Heating up the heart of the event were grazed by the floor with a special dance number by Dragon Sexy Dancers, participants frantically searched the other half of their heart, gag line and the pick-up winner is … ATM ka ba? And followed by strategic game not letting your heart fell.

Keeping the heartbeat of 80 people/sec. with the dance move of Excentrixx Crew, gangnam style showdown and searching for the King and Queen of hearts.

Serenading the dinner by the powerful voice of our talented host Mr. Randy Oliver and Ms. Glenda Antiguerra and to recap the night is the selection and awarding of Mr. and Ms. Valentine 2013 which has been granted to Edmarker Mr. Zayed and Ms. Esmat.

The events was full of Joy and Happiness to All Edmarkers see you at the TOP and Spread the Love and inspirations to Others !!!!


Edmark UAE’s 7th Leadership and Team Building Camp

Edmark City Here We Come

Edmark City Here We Come


DATE: October 28, 2011



Brilliant Diamond Night & STP Graduation was flourished in Cassells Al Barsha hotel last October 28, 2011.  A very special night attended by more than 130 members, guests and our newly promoted Diamond Managers and STP/T3 Graduates. The event was hosted by Ms. Ynna Median and Ms. Jenevive Serrano and started at exactly 5:00 PM with the procession of all our graduates from 25th STP Batch of Dubai, 10th STP Batch of Abu Dhabi and the 9th batch of T3 Mastery. a powerful Christian prayer by SM Jun Baluan followed by UAE & Philippine National Anthem.

It is really true that words are powerful; a very warm inspiration message was given by DM Alberto Sapitula that lightens up the mind of every Edmarker in the room in facing the challenges in doing their Edmark business. To be more inspired CM Nancy Sanoria rendered also her message as she congratulates all the graduates and each of them had a chance to give their messages and shared their experiences and benefits they got from STP. CM Nancy Sanoria closed the ceremony with the pledge and confirmation of our graduates as follows:

T3 Mastery Graduates:

  1. CM Elvisio Uy
  2. CM Elmer Borromeo
  3. EM Mercy Cariaga
  4. SM Elmer Aguinaldo
  5. SM Zandro Labaguis
  6. SM Jennifer Cacal

Special Awards were also given to the following graduates:

  1. Most Outstanding STP Trainee – Ms. Marichu Paez / Ms. Meliza Soriano.
  2. Best in Learning Attitude – Mr. Benjamin Genito/Mr. Poovaiah Somaiah
  3. Most Active STP Trainee – Ms. Marichu Paez/Ms. Meliza Soriano
  4. Most Improved STP Trainee – Mr. Miguel San Felipe/Ms. Meliza Soriano.

Afterwards, Diamond Recognition proper was showcased as we parade our new achievers Diamond Managers Mr. & Mrs. Ismael Florenciano, Mr. & Mrs. Eleazar Oyson, Mr. Ferdinand Si and Ms. Rachel-Joy Baluan as represented by her beloved father SM Mr. Jun Baluan. Once Again, inspirational message were given by our Diamond Manager Mr. Alberto Sapitula.

The much awaited part of this event was the showcasing of all our new Diamond Managers as we presented them to the crowd for being one of our top achievers for this year including the awarding of pins and Keys for being Car Fund Qualifiers. Each Diamond Managers rendered their inspiring and encouraging message to everyone and how they strive hard to achieve what they have right now in their Edmark Business. Each of their business partners rendered a special numbers, gift and messages as a symbol of their appreciation to them. Special Numbers were given by the Group of Mr. Miguel San Felipe, Ms.Icho Maestrado and Ms. Margie Ramasasa, from the OFCEA group of business partners and a heart warming song rendered by Mr. Leo Mañalac.  It was a night showered with gratitude, gift giving and inspiring. Truly, it was the night of Thanksgiving.

To wrap up the program, a very heartening closing remarks rendered by our Diamond Manager Ms. Priscilla Sapitula.

The night ended with a marvelous dinner and this will not be successful without the undying support of our leaders and members headed by Ms. Mona Carcellar, Ms. Marilyn Ajoc, Ms. Ynna Medina, Ms. Jenivive Serrano, Ms. Ness Sevilla, Ms. Mayeth Cayapan, Mr. Jay Alifer, the 26th STP Batch of Dubai. For all people behind the success of this event. Congratulations to all achievers. More power and keep up the good work. Edmark international ohh YES! FEEL GOOD NOW!